419.00.03 M92 FS Nickel Wood Grip Co2 Pistol Beretta

The Beretta M 92 is in daily use throughout the world. Military, police and special units rely on this classic Italian pistol. With its realistic black, nickel-plated or wooden grip plates this CO2-powered replica is just as cool as the original and has a solid, heavy feel. You'll also be happy to discover it's made for accurate shooting - in both double-action and single-action mode.

Legends Makarov Specification

Calibre: 4.5mm pellet (.177)
Capacity: 8 rounds
Velocity: 120 m/s (393 ft/s)
Length: 210 mm
Weight: 1260 g
Per capsule: 60 Shots**

**number of shots can vary, depending on environment, temperature, quality of Co2, firing rate.

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