Legends C96 FM Blowback Co2 Pistol

Thanks to its timeless design and unique characteristics, the Mauser C96 has been admired by gun collectors and sport shooters ever since its introduction in 1896. In honor of this classic semi-automatic pistol, Umarex has brought out a Co2 variant with a blowback system and technical features that will capture the imagination of recreational shooters.

Legends Makarov Specification

Calibre:4.5mm BB (.177)
Capacity:20 rounds
Velocity:110 m/s (361 ft/s)
Length:330 mm
Weight:1437 g
Per capsule:50 Shots**

**number of shots can vary, depending on environment, temperature, quality of Co2, firing rate.

 New Broom, John Milewski tries the Umarex replica C96 pistol for Airgun World magazine